Why Use a General Contractor?


A general contractor is someone who oversees the entire construction project, both commercial or residential. They will be responsible for bidding on jobs, providing the equipment, labor, materials, and tools required to complete a job. Even though their duties include all the work connected with a construction job, other more specialized jobs, like plumbing and electrical is usually subcontracted out.


For one to become such a contractor, no degree is necessary, however, having a bachelor’s degree in construction science is looked upon favourably by most larger companies. Every state within the United States requires people with this position to pass a written exam before they can gain a license to practice. Some regions require a contractor to have the financial means to operate a contracting business in addition to having recommendations from previous clients and business associates before they can apply for such a license.


The job of such a contractor starts with them finding jobs and submitting bids in order to be hired to oversee a job. Contractors will also estimate the price of all the materials needed, their labor, and their profit margin before they submit their estimate to a client. Once a client has accepted their bid, the general contractor will then obtain a performance bond, which ensures their client has protection in place, should their project not be completed on time or as per their clients request.


Once all the paperwork is complete, the contract will be signed. The contractor will solicit bids for any speciality work for the job, which they are unable to perform. With some cases, more so for government jobs, the contractor needs to submit a list of subcontractors before a contract will be signed, plus, subcontractors can be subject to their client’s approval.


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